Our Support Staff

Our Physicians

Ms. Susan S. Weber

Office Manager

She manages the office and answers all billing and insurance questions.  Co-founder of HFM in 2003.

Dr. David J. Weber

Founder and CEO, Housecall Family Medicine, 2003

Born and raised: Philadelphia, PA

Arrived in the South: As soon as I found out about it!

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Music, Haverford College

Medical School: Cornell

Residency: Family Medicine, Healthplex, Memphis, TN

Board Certification: Family Medicine, Palliative Medicine

Military Service: US Navy, General Medical Officer, NMCB-74

Family: Married, 2 very young daughters

"My philosophy of medicine is that the physician is the servant of the patient. I work for you! It is not the duty of the physician to dictate how a patient lives her life but to use the training, knowledge and experience I have gained in order to to advise and assist my patients make the best decisions for achieving their goals in life.  Our practice is specifically designed to break down barriers between the doctor and patient to allow a deeper level of discussion and understanding.  When the doctor-patient encounter occurs in the patient's home, there is a much greater opportunity to come to accurate diagnoses and to prescribe treatments which make sense for an individual person.  Unlike many specialists, we at HFM treat human beings, not diseases, lab tests or conditions.  Our goal is to cure whenever possible but to provide healing at every encounter."

Dr. Jonathan T. English

Born and Raised: Memphis, TN

Joined HFM: 2013

Hobbies: Outdoor activities

Undergraduate Degree: Brigham Young University

Medical Training: University of Tennessee Medical School

Residency:  UT Jackson, Department of Family Medicine

Board Certification: Family Medicine

Certification of  Added Qualification: Emergency Medicine

"Since I was a child, I always desired to become a physician. I recall fond memories of following my grandmother around as she perform her duties as a home health nurse. Watching her care for the sick, elderly with kindness, compassion, and skill made a huge impression on me. 

As part of my third-year family medicine rotation in Medical School, I was assigned to Dr. Weber as a preceptor. I learned that the care that can be given in the home is often far safer and superior to that given in an emergency room or hospital. During the last year of my medical training, working in various emergency rooms, I witnessed countless, unnecessary ER visits.  I thought back to my days visiting patients in their homes and realized that most of these visits would never have occurred had these patients been under the care of a home-based primary care physician.  Thinking of all the pain, suffering, unnecessary exposure to germs, not to mention the exorbitant costs, led me to the decision to join Housecall Family Medicine."